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    LIPA Announces 2019 Endorsements

    Small Business Champions, Healthcare Advocates and Independent Pharmacy Friends the Focus of This Year’s Endorsement List

    The Louisiana Independent Pharmacies Association (LIPA) today released the list of Senate and House candidates it is endorsing in the upcoming primary election on October 12, 2019. Following a thorough selection process that included vetting candidates for their position on issues related to the concerns of small business, healthcare and pharmacy, LIPA announced it will endorse the following candidates:

    For Senate:

    Sen. Ed Price, Senate District 2

    Sen. Bodi White, Senate District 6

    Sen. Cameron Henry, Senate District 9

    Kirk Talbot, Senate District 10

    Sen. Reid Falconer, Senate District 11

    Sen. Beth Mizell, Senate District 12

    Rogers Pope, Senate District 13

    Sen. Regina Barrow, Senate District 15

    Sen. Fred Mills, Senate District 22

    Sen. Gerald Boudreaux, Senate District 24

    Mark Abraham, Senate District 25

    Sen. Bob Hensgens, Senate District 26

    Bernard LeBas, Senate District 28

    Sen. Jay Luneau, Senate District 29

    Katrina Jackson, Senate District 34

    Robert Mills, Senate District 36

    Sen. Barrow Peacock, Senate District 37

    For House of Representatives:

    Danny McCormick, House District 1

    Cedric Glover, House District 4

    Alan Seabaugh, House District 5

    Larry Bagley, House District 7

    Wayne McMahen, House District 10

    Chris Turner, House District 12

    Pat Moore, House District 17

    Jeremy LaCombe, House District 18

    Neil Riser, House District 20

    Kenny Cox, House District 23

    Ed Larvadain III, House District 26

    Mike Johnson, House District 27

    Stuart Moss, House District 33

    Stephen Dwight, House District 35

    Julie Emerson, House District 39

    Dustin Miller, House District 40

    Stuart Bishop, House District 43

    Vincent Pierre, House District 44

    Jean-Paul Coussan, House District 45

    Mike Huval, House District 46

    Randal Gaines, House District 47

    Beryl Amadee, House District 51

    Ken Brass, House District 58

    Chad Brown, House District 60

    Barbara W. Carpenter, House District 63

    Rick Edmonds, House District 66

    Scott McKnight, House District 68

    Paula Davis, House District 69

    Robby Carter, House District 72

    Mark Wright, House District 77

    Charles Henry, House District 82

    Mary DuBuisson, House District 90

    Joe Stagni, House District 92

    Sherman Mack, House District 95

    Adonis Expose, House District 99

    Paul Hollis, House District 104

    “We carefully considered the field of candidates running for office and ultimately selected these individuals for their commitment to small business, community healthcare and their concern for protecting the pharmacy-patient relationship,” said LIPA President and CEO Randal Johnson. “Each LIPA-endorsed candidate has distinguished him or herself as a small business champion, an advocate for community health and a friend of independent pharmacy. We believe the state will flourish under their leadership.”

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