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Our Mission 


We are dedicated to the continuing growth and prosperity of independent community pharmacy, representing the professional and proprietary interests of community pharmacists throughout Louisiana. We work to rigorously uphold the right of free enterprise, and are devoted to ensuring our members have the right to compete in a free and fair marketplace. 


Our Vision


As Fortune 100 companies continue to disrupt healthcare in the interest of shareholder value, fostering a climate of uncertainty for patients and their providers, the Louisiana Independent Pharmacies Association membership will stand steadfast in its mission to protect the critical interests Louisiana citizens and the pharmacies who serve them.

Our Organization


LIPA engages Congress and members of the State  Legislature, supporting our national partners in progressively correcting the damage perpetrated by the uncontrolled expansion of the PBMs. LIPA restoring PBMs to a support role. To assure Louisiana has a robust range of purchasing and advisory options, LIPA takes action to stimulate further independent ownership of community pharmacies statewide by working with pharmacy students to highlight the benefits of owning an independent pharmacy.

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