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Updated: January 11, 2020

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LDH has created a webpage for important provider updates and documents pertinent to COVID vaccines. An addition to the page on 12/18 is Health Alert Message 2052: COVID 19 Vaccination Severe/Allergic Reaction Reporting Update. OPH has set up a number that is staffed 24/7 to report severe reactions to the COVID vaccine that require hospitalization. (To date, none have been reported). This reporting is in addition to the requirement that providers report all COVID-19 vaccination related adverse events/reactions to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) managed by the CDC and FDA.

Please sign up for LINKS immediately if you have not done so. All COVID vaccine administration requires LINKS to interface with the federal system. 

 COVID Provider Education & CEUs

COVID Vaccine Administration for Louisiana Pharmacies

LIPA hosted a Zoom meeting on January 3rd to prepare members for the vaccine rollout, which will begin this week. 

Click Here to watch the video

Click Here for a PDF of the presentation

NEW COVID-19 Vaccination CPE Activity Sunday, January 17

LIPA is hosting a one hour continuing education activity designed for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians interested in COVID-19 Vaccine Administration.

COVID vaccine administration by Louisiana independent pharmacies requires knowledge of federal and state laws and regulations related to the coronavirus public health emergency. This activity will focus on requirements and operational issues related to COVID vaccine handling and storage, record keeping, and reporting to comply with federal and state regulations. Promising practices learned during the first two weeks of COVID vaccine administration at Louisiana independent pharmacies will also be discussed.

Date and Time:

  • Sunday, January 17th, 3:00 - 4:00 p.m. CST, via Zoom (Registration Required)



  • Storage and handling differences between Moderna and Pfizer vaccines

  • "Hub and Spoke" redistribution model

  • La. Immunization Network Web Application (LINKS) reporting requirements

  • Vaccine administration best practices


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COVID-19 Provider Document Links


If you intend to be a COVID vaccine provider, have you completed all of the necessary paperwork? We noted that the link to the COVID Vaccination Program Provider Agreement Form (and other relevant forms) was not showing up on the COVID 19 General Vaccination Information home page. Should you need to access Louisiana COVID 19 Vaccine forms, you can use the links below:


CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Program Provider Agreement - 11/2020


CDC Supplemental COVID-19 Vaccine Redistribution Agreement - 10/2020


COVID-19 Provider Agreement FQA’s


Provider Enrollment Common Mistakes


LDH COVID-19 Vaccine Provider Webpage

Click Here

COVID Vaccine Provider Updates

Vaccinate Your Employee “Vaccinators” First

Louisiana Immunization Program Manager Stacy Hall advised that pharmacies receiving the vaccine should first administer it to their employee-vaccinators, but not all their employees, and then to patients.

Reminders for Pharmacies Receiving the Vaccine

  • Moderna vaccine should be immediately refrigerated upon receipt. Receipt of vaccine should be promptly entered in LINKS.

  • Pfizer vaccine  Instructions for storage of Pfizer vaccine in the thermal shipping cooler (975 doses per container) can be found here. Recepit of vaccine should be promptly entered into links

  • Pharmacies with Approved Redistribution Agreements Accept all the vaccine in LINKS. When vaccine is transferred to another location that is Ready to Receive, update LINKS to show vaccine was transferred so that the receiving location can go in LINKS and add it to their inventory.

  • Fact Sheets for Recipients and Caregivers Vaccine differ depending on whether it is Moderna or Pfizer. 

  • Vaccine Expiration Dates: To determine the expiration date of COVID vaccine, scan the QR Code located on the vial or carton. The QR code will bring up a website; then choose the lookup option and enter the lot number. The expiration date will then be displayed. You may also access the LINKS Website directly or use the CDC Expiration Date Tracking Tool to help with documentation.

Change or Update Pharmacy Information Published on LDH Vaccine Website 

LDH now plans to post the list of pharmacies confirmed to receive vaccine during the week of January 8th here at 9:00 a.m. Monday. We expect this will be pharmacies who received vaccine this past week plus a limited number of additional pharmacies.

For pharmacies receiving vaccine and shown on the LDH published list on Monday, if you would like any changes made in your listing (special phone number to call and/or text, e-mail address to request a vaccine appointment, pharmacy name) you can e-mail us at and we will work with LDH to get the change made. 

Priority Processing of Vaccine Provider Enrollments for Pharmacies  

LDH has agreed to LIPA’s request for priority processing for independent pharmacies that submit provider applications. Roughly 145 independent pharmacies are “Ready to Receive” the vaccine, the applications for several members are: 1) In Progress; 2) Sent Corrections; or 3) Not Received.  LDH hopes to complete all “In Progress” applications this week.

  •  Email to request confirmation that your enrollment information was received.  

Moderna Vaccine 

See this CDC Website for information about the Moderna vaccine, including how to store, handle, and administer it.

COVID Vaccine Reimbursement 

COVID Vaccine Fact Sheet that Must be Made Available to Recipients 

Here is the link to Moderna’s COVID vaccine website which is a good resource for information about the Moderna vaccine. You can use the “pink buttons” at the top to download the very latest version of the Fact Sheet for Recipients and Caregivers that must be made available to patients prior to giving them the Moderna vaccine. [There’s a different Fact Sheet for the Pfizer vaccine] It is six pages but you do not have to print copies and give to everyone. OPH suggested posting the pages on a wall, having several laminated copies or copies in sheet protectors (wiping them down after use) for folks to review, or providing the information electronically. The fact sheet contains a QR code that can be scanned to download the Fact Sheet information to a smart phone. Here is the link to the CDC’s webpage for Moderna vaccine.


Avoiding COVID Vaccine Spoilage 

OPH has posted a new document on their COVID 19 Vaccine Information for Health Care Providers webpage with written guidance detailing steps that should be taken by providers to avoid spoilage of COVID vaccine. As a reminder, while Pfizer’s vaccine is more time sensitive and must be used within 120 hours after being removed from the ultra-cold shipping container (which happens before it leaves Morris and Dickson in Shreveport), Moderna vaccine can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 30 days prior to first use, after which the vial, which contains a total of ten doses, should be discarded after six hours, per this Moderna fact sheet.


Notably, if COVID-19 Vaccine Product is set to expire within six hours, OPH guidance stipulates the following sequence for getting the vaccine into an arm rather than allowing it to spoil:

· Identify and administer vaccine to persons that are eligible in Phase 1a;

· Administer vaccine to outpatient health personnel and health-related support personnel in the community;

· Administer vaccine to persons aged 70 years and older;

· Administer vaccine to other persons not identified above.

LIPA Vaccine Survey 


The responses we have received so far to the LIPA COVID Vaccine Survey have been helpful in communicating the role that independent pharmacies can play and the variety of services that a significant number are prepared to offer (curbside vaccine, scheduling appointment, allowing walk-ins, willingness to go on-site). If you have not yet completed the survey, we urge you to do so as we are continuing to keep this survey open.

Answers to questions submitted by survey respondents:  

  • Is it too late to become a COVID 19 vaccine provider? No. You will need to complete, and submit the CDC COVID 19 Vaccination Provider Agreement and be enrolled in LINKS.

  • The survey wouldn’t let me check multiple answers for Question 6 although it says “Check all that apply.” We have fixed this to allow for multiple answers to Question 6. Thank you for letting us know.

  • Is there a place where it lists all pharmacies registered for COVID vaccine administration?  The list has not yet been made public by OPH; LIPA has asked them for a list of enrolled independent pharmacies. Our concern is that a pharmacy may think they have enrolled but their enrollment has not yet been processed

  • Would like more information regarding billing out the claims. The 12/23 Newsletter included a link to a guide on how to bill for the uninsured. We will continue to address billing in the LIPA Newsletter and other communication.

If you have other questions, please e-mail or call Ruth:

PREP Act Permits Pharmacy Techs To Administer COVID Vaccine

Provided they meet certain conditions and receive the required training, Louisiana pharmacy technicians are allowed under the PREP Act to administer the COVID 19 vaccine and COVID tests as well as vaccines to children ages 3 and older. During the current public health emergency, the federal law allowing this supersedes any more restrictive state regulations by the Louisiana Board of Pharmacy.

In anticipation of the availability of the COVID vaccine to LIPA member pharmacies in early 2021, now is the time to get pharmacy technicians on board and “qualified” to administer the COVID vaccine as soon as it becomes available to you. Here are three prerequisites to “qualify” that we want to call to your attention since they take some planning [the complete list can be found here]

  • Complete a practical training program that is approved by ACPE. This training program must include a hands-on injection technique and the recognition and treatment of emergency reactions to vaccines.

  • Have a current certificate in basic CPR.

  • Have completed a minimum of two hours of ACPE-approved, immunization-related CPE during the current State licensing period(s).

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