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More than 4000 pharmacies use
Amplicare daily. 

This saves you hours of entering information and identifies new revenue opportunities

Compare Medicare Plans

Amplicare can instantly import all medications for all of your patients from the pharmacy computer system.

Avoid Closed Networks

View preferred plans for your pharmacy and also which plans push your patients towards chains or mail-order.

Improve Your Star Rating

Quickly identify patients lowering your pharmacy star rating (High Risk Drugs, Statin Therapy, etc.), and take actionable steps to help both the patients and the pharmacy.

Increase Reimbursements

Increase Part D plan reimbursements by thousands of dollars and calculate those "clawback" DIR fees.

Gain Medicare Business

Discover patients turning 65 and help them navigate Medicare Part D before losing them to preferred networks.

Therapeutic Alternatives

Stop calling insurance to check what's covered. We show drug alternatives with their coverage tier and copay.

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